Nice Girl Names

Welcome to our site and congratulations on the birth or impending birth of your new daughter. Now that you know you have been blessed with a daughter it is time to choose a really nice girls name for her, and that is our sole mission.

Having been through the situation ourselves we know how important and difficult choosing a really nice girls name can be. There are so many beautiful names, and as parents we want to choose the best name possible. We are determined to assist you in your choice, with lots of ideas to help you make that difficult but important decision.

Perhaps you could use our A-Z listings of names to generate some ideas, or maybe search our huge database for a specific meaning. The choice each parent makes is as individual and important as your child, and by the time you leave our site, we can only hope that we have helped you make the most important choice you will ever make. We have invested the time, effort and research so you don’t have to. Finally thanks for visiting our site and if you have found us to be a useful resource, please tell your friends and family.

Some of the things we cover will include:

Girls Names In Alphabetical Order

Perhaps you have an idea of the letter you want your daughters name to begin with, and our list of girls names by first letter will be the perfect place to start. It is our intention to compile the biggest list of girls names on the internet. While you may not be able to make a definitive choice within one visit, we are confident that you will at least be able to create a shortlist of possibilities.

The Meaning Of Girls Names

Once you have a shortlist of nice girls names, the next stage in the filtering process may be to research the meanings of those names. For some people, meaning carries a huge significance, and so where possible we will endeavour to explain the history and meaning behind a certain name. I am aware of numerous people for whom the meaning is the number one factor when making a choice. Regardless of how much they like a name, if the meaning isn’t appropriate, then it is immediately discarded.

Traditional Girls Names

There is something to be said for choosing a traditional name for your daughter. There are some really nice girls names, which have survived the passage of time. Elegant and with a touch of class traditional names rarely if ever go out of fashion. There are some names which have been in the top 1000 names every year since 1890. That should give you confidence when choosing a name if  the traditional route is for you. To help inspire you, we will be posting the top lists of girls names over the years, which will at the very least give you an insight into history and the longevity of certain names.

Girls Name Considerations

There are some things you need to take into consideration when picking your names. Some of the nicest girls names sound beautiful for a baby or young girl, but will it still sound appropriate for a 25 or even 50-year-old woman? Strange though it may sound there are certain names that simply don’t sound right for an older person.

Would the thought of people shortening your chosen name irritate you? If so then you might want to bear that in mind when choosing a name, as invariably that may well happen, and then all of the effort and thought you put into choosing will be for nothing.

Think about how the names you are considering fit with your surname. Do they flow naturally together or sound strange and unwieldy? A name on its own may sound beautiful, but if it doesn’t work with your surname, then it should probably be crossed off the list of potentials.

Many parents fall in love with the idea of choosing an original and unique name, but bear in mind that sometimes this can attract unwanted attention to your child. Anyone who has ever witnessed their child suffering from bullying knows the pain and hurt this can cause, so horrible though it is to contemplate, it is worth thinking about when choosing.

This website will be a never-ending labour of love continually looking for the nicest girls names on the planet. Our aim is to become the number one resource and guide for choosing girls names. Rest assured that whatever girls name you choose, your daughter will grow into that name, and you will never be able to imagine her being called anything else.

But you only get one chance to give her a nice name, so it really is worthwhile putting in the time and effort for such an important decision. We hope you enjoy the site, and more importantly, enjoy your little girl!